Saturday, March 14, 2009

Andra Pradesh Handicrafts Development Corporation, Ltd

The Corporation was set up in 1982 with share capital participation from the Government of Andhra Pradesh (Rs 150.36 lakhs) and from Government of India (Rs 50.00 lakhs) for promotion, development and marketing of handicrafts besides implementing schemes for the welfare of artisans.

Our Vision:

"An Empowered Artisan Community
Thriving in an 'Enabling' Envioronment"


  • Develop and promote handicrafts.
  • Undertake marketing of handicrafts.
  • Promote and establish showrooms, organize exhibitions, cause wide publicity of Handicrafts and
  • Undertake welfare activities for the benefit of the artisans.

Visit the site for traditional handicrafts from the region (textiles, metal work, wood carvings, etc)

Drawing inspiration from the mind,mythology and real-life experiences, the scuuptors of Durgi, Allagadda dn Tirupati have left behind an impression that cannot be ravaged even by time.. Theseimpressive sculptures on stone are mainly mythological in character. The focus of the theme was not merely on physical attrubutes, but on higher spiritual values of life. To give expression to such abstract conceptions, the sculp0tor consciously set for himself an idealm not based on the contemplation of the natural form, but upon meditation of the divine form, but upon meditation of the devine form, The distinctive power of suggestiveness is conspicuous in the sculpted forms.

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