Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Banjara Videos from India

Dharma Boutique founder Adam Bauer shows where he gets his beautiful vintage textiles from the Banjara ladies on a side street in Delhi, India. Produced by Sara Karl www.dharmaboutique.com

Gypsies of the Thar, sinuous amongst the sand dunes - a fantastically vibrant Gatlif

The Banjara, a group of traditional music, consisting of eight excellent musicians and dancers, all hail from the Thar desert. Heirs of ... Tout » an ancient culture, today, under the direction of Kamal Kant, himself a musician and a dancer who has been living in France for over a decade, they are the ambassadors of the great Banjara tradition which stands at the cross roads of classical North Indian music and the skilful art of Persia. The lively rhythms, bordering frenzy, which accompany the whirling dancers in their famous costumes of a thousand, scintillating mirrors, are an invitation to a journey rich in colour and emotion, following in the footsteps of the gypsies of Rajasthan.

Véritable road-movie, "Sur la route des miroirs" nous fait suivre les pérégrinations de Sara et de Kassa, deux femmes banjara parties vendre leurs plus beaux vêtements et bijoux au marché de Goa, en Inde.

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  1. Hey u have a nice blog.. I am an artist from india am into art and home decor..Liked the videos


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