Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uzbek Alive

UzbekAlive was created by a small group of enthusiasts as a channel for promotion of work of Uzbek artists and designers. After several years of contemplating, in 2002 we finally put our efforts together and launched this website. In years of running UzbekAlive we learnt several things, the major one of them being – we do have something unique and beautiful to offer to the world. In fact, we have become known as a place to shop for unique gifts.

Everything on this website was made in Uzbekistan with tremendous amount of care. We work directly with artists, who live in Uzbekistan and are the most talented artists and designers in their fields. The money generated through sales on UzbekAlive is used to support these artists and designers who otherwise would be struggling making a living doing what they love in a today's unstable economy of Uzbekistan, where people are more concerned about meeting basic needs, not about keeping Uzbek art Alive.

Our ikats were hand dyed and handloom woven in Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan using a centuries old technique of ikat weaving. The technique requires a precision in tying and wrapping silk threads before dying in order to create a desired pattern.

Uzbekistan was once a major branch of the ancient Silk Road. As caravans traveled between East and West they facilitated exchange of cultures, religions and skills. Certain imperfections in dying and weaving are inherent to the manual process of ikat making and should not be considered as defects. Dry cleaning is recommended for silk scarves. Hand wash in cold water is recommended for cotton/silk blend fabrics.

In addition to scarves and fabrics, we also feature works of lacquer ornamental jewelry and decorative boxes, hair barrettes and pins.

Our sales operations are now based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where we already have the products listed on this website. We carry a limited number of units of each product at a time and, as everything that is hand made, the patterns and designs will be very similar, but never absolutely identical.

Everything here is fair-traded – there was no child labor involved in the production of any item we sell; artists would not have sold us anything unless we paid a fair price.

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