Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book: The Rudolf G. Smend Collection

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Product Description
Batik: 75 Selected Masterpieces contains never before published pictures illustrating the exquisite cross-section of the batik production in Java. Featuring textiles from the personal collection of gallery owner Rudolf G. Smend, historic photographs from the Hans van der Kamp Collection, and fascinating text from academic Isa Fleischmann-Heck, Batik: 75 Selected Masterpieces is a rich resource for collectors and lovers of the "golden period" of Java.

About the Author
Rudolf G. Smend is a passionate batik collector and the owner of Galerie Smend in Cologne, Germany.

Isa Fleischmann-Heck is Curator of Textiles at the German Textile Museum in Krefeld.

Maria Wronska-Friend is a well known batik expert, ethnologist and author.

Donald J. Harper is an American collector and dealer of Indonesian batik.

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