Thursday, February 5, 2009

Around the World Art & Activities: Visiting the 7 Continents Through Craft Fun

Product Description
This book is suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Grab your homemade cereal-box suitcase, and plant a stamp on your newly made passport, for we're about to leave on a whirlwind tour of the seven continents. And what fun it is sure to be. Kids will be kids - rejoicing in their newfound friendship and familiarity with peoples around the world, delighted by both the similarities and differences in their cultures and customs. Make a Masai necklace, craft a Greek vase, create your own Guatemalan-styled 'worry' doll, and break some Maori bread from New Zealand! Broaden kids' view of their world and see the sights. Make you own standing Eiffel Tower, construct a salt-box windmill from Holland, build a wonderful Egyptian pyramid, and craft a clever London-styled 'Big Ben' clock.Make the Nile overflow, construct an erupting volcano, grow a pineapple plant, and create an Australian koala bear and a tissue-paper penguin (that really stands up!) from Antarctica. Explore the seven continents of the world and their distinctive lands, waterways, animals, plants, and natural treasures on a getting-to-know-you tour - with kids in the cockpit. Whew! Who's the tour guide that can keep up with these 3 to 7 year olds? None other than award winning Williamson author Judy Press, who has an inimitable talent for keeping kids learning and laughing - and loving it.

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