Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World

From Booklist

Readers interested in learning about the history, technology, and aesthetics of mosaics will find that King's beautifully and comprehensively illustrated volume is an excellent source of both practical information and artistic inspiration. She details the evolution of mosaics from their first manifestations around 3000 B.C.E. in Mesopotamia to the present; chronicles the breathtaking mosaics of Europe, Africa, and the Americas; and surveys the many materials used in their construction, from broken tiles to gold. The basic process has remained the same over the centuries, and King offers detailed how-to instructions in the second, and largest, portion of the book, providing specific information for the budding artisan on materials and tools, techniques, and designs. Project ideas take up the final third of this fresh and useful book, with five projects of varying difficulty derived from three geographical areas. Full of photographs both of finished mosaics and the steps required for their crafting, King's book will inform, instruct, and delight craft lovers. Lauren Roberts

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